TERESA Dance Academy Latin Dance How to Dance to Your Friends

How to Dance to Your Friends

The American Conservatives are pleased to present this episode of Pole Dance Studio featuring the Pole Dance Academy.

Join the Pole Dancing Academy as we bring you the latest pole dancing tutorials, techniques, and advice from pole dance instructors around the world.

“This is a great episode of pole dance,” said American Conservative pole dance instructor and pole dance trainer, Dr. John McAllister.

“I like the way it’s structured, the great feedback on the videos and the good feedback from our students.”

Dr. McAllisters first pole dance workshop in the United States was at the Pole Dancers of America in Boston, Massachusetts.

He and his fellow instructors were so impressed by the level of expertise and dedication of the instructors that they decided to open their own pole dance academy in the state of Massachusetts, where he lives.

Dr. McAs, along with several of his instructors, have now established the PoleDance Academy in the small town of Haverhill, Massachusetts to serve the needs of local pole dancers, along the border of Maine and Vermont.

The Pole Dance studio is currently open for classes.

The Pole Dance Institute is also currently open, and is a private, for-profit, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, which is overseen by Dr. Patrick G. Schmid, a chiropractor and physician.


Mcallisters and Schmid are very proud to be involved in this unique and fun way to teach pole dance, and hope to bring the best out of their students.

For more information, please visit poledance.org/welcome or call them at (508) 656-1701.