TERESA Dance Academy Ballet What’s Next for D.C.’s Modern Dance Studio?

What’s Next for D.C.’s Modern Dance Studio?

The D.D.D.’s dance studio is in the process of relocating to its new digs in the nation’s capital, the Associated Press reports.

The new digs will be built by a group of high-end dance studios led by the hip-hop group The Roots, and the move is expected to open this year.

The Roots first started a dance studio in New York City, but the studio was eventually moved to Los Angeles in 2010.

The studios new digs, which will be called The Modern Dance Center, will have a full-service dance space, according to the AP.

It’s unclear when the dance studio will open, though the AP says the move will be announced in early 2018. 

The move is a sign of growing interest in hip-hopping, a genre of dance music that blends hip-hippie elements with electronic music and electronic dance music, and has been gaining popularity in New England.

Hip-hop groups like Common and Jay-Z have played to crowds of thousands at New York’s Madison Square Garden and other dance venues in recent years.

The hip-hops music also incorporates dance moves that are similar to dance moves found in traditional hip-hip music.

The New York Times recently reported that dance-move videos have grown in popularity in recent weeks, and that dance videos have surpassed video games as the top-grossing genre in the U.S. in recent months.