TERESA Dance Academy Ballet Allegro Dance Studio, Jazz Dance Studio is up for sale

Allegro Dance Studio, Jazz Dance Studio is up for sale

Allegro dance studios is an urban dance music studio in Manhattan that specializes in hip hop and hip-hop dance, jazz and contemporary dance.

It was founded in 2003 and was recently purchased by the company Elevate Dance Studio.

It’s not clear when the studio will reopen.

The studio is located at 735 Broadway in Midtown Manhattan.

The current owners of the studio have been the same family for decades, but were recently removed from the ownership.

The owners have said they’re selling the studio and moving to Brooklyn, where the new owners are also the new owner.

The former owners said they are looking for a new owner to reopen the studio, but have not said which one.

Allegro’s founder and longtime manager, Steve Nesbitt, is in his early 50s and is married with two children.

Nesbritt founded Allegro in 2005 and said it was named after his sister who had diabetes.

Narsbitt also said that in 2010, he sold his house and moved to Brooklyn with his wife, and he owns the studio.

Nescos de Navidad, a music business reporter for the New York Daily News, said that the sale could be a sign that the studio has gone under, as it has many other dance music studios in the city.

The Nesbsons sold their home in Brooklyn to a woman in March.

The New York City Department of Finance says that the property value is $1.6 million, but Nescas de Navaizad is seeking a tax refund.

Allegros current owners have not commented on the sale.