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What’s on the dance floor?

Just Dance is a series of short, three-minute dance mixes produced by DJ Max B and featuring some of the world’s best DJs.

The first series of six episodes saw the duo’s live sets on BBC Radio 1 and featured the likes of Ed Sheeran, Lady Gaga and Ed Shearer.

Now, just Dance has returned for another round of episodes, bringing together the biggest names in dance music, DJing and dance music production to create their own unique mix.

The first episode was a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the original Just Dance.

With the help of the likes.

Bassnectar, Krewella, Future Islands, DJ Mustard, Sam Jones and others, the team recreated the original mix in an intimate, personal way.

“This is the first time that we’re going to be using our own studio, our own equipment, our very own gear, and then bringing it back to the house,” said producer Max B. “It’s the first opportunity we’ve had to create our own live show.”

The producers used a mix of old and new gear, but also used the technology of the new generation.

The DJ’s mixes are all in the form of DJ Mixcloud tracks and can be played in the background or in the foreground.

The tracks are all made from scratch by the producers, but they also incorporate live instrumentation, which includes the likes, Samples from DJs, and music videos from artists like M83, Zedd and Zeds Dead.

“I’ve always had a thing for these things,” said Bassnectar.

“They were all my first memories of music.”

“I think the main thing we’re trying to do is not make the same thing over and over again.

You’ve got a big range of different artists, and we just want to take them in different directions,” added Krewell.

The producers have been inspired by the music that comes out of the studios, which can range from big hits to less known artists, like Krewes Delight.

“A lot of people say, ‘It’s not my style, but I love it, so I’m going to make it’,” explained Bassnecta.

“We’re not just making the same things, we’re creating new ways of making things.

That’s really exciting for us.”

The artists will be mixing the first episodes of the series with the DJ MixCloud community, which will be able to submit tracks and other content to the DJ’s playlist.

“All of these different artists are so different and so different to one another,” said Krewells DJ.

“The more we work together, the more we create this new sound, the better.

The best thing is we’ve got so many amazing people who want to contribute.””

We’re really excited to bring the remixes that we’ve made together and share them with you,” said Sam Jones.

“This is going to open the doors for a lot of different people to get into the remixing world and really have a shot at the best.

We’ve got some incredible people from all over the world who are going to contribute, so that’s exciting.”

Watch the Just Dance music videos: