TERESA Dance Academy About What to know about the Dance Studio at Roxy in Honolulu

What to know about the Dance Studio at Roxy in Honolulu

The Roxy dance studio is a unique venue in Honolulu.

The Roxy was built on a former warehouse at the intersection of Oahu Street and Pearl Street in 1925.

Now, it’s a full-fledged dance studio with a huge, multi-story dance floor and the ability to host performances from any genre of dance.

“We don’t have any special rules or guidelines for our members, but our dance floor is a mix of old-school clubbing, hip hop, jazz, and other styles,” said Roxy owner/owner of the dance studio Mike Vlietz.

“Our members can dance, but they can’t do it on stage.”

The Rompo Room is a club featuring a variety of different dance styles.

It has been open since 2003, and it has hosted several performances of various types from hip hop to jazz.

Vlietk said it has been a good fit for his members.

He added, “If you’re looking for a place to get in the groove with your friends and your dancers, you should come here.”

In addition to a dance studio in the Rompopo Room, the club also hosts live music, private parties and more.

Dance studio owner and dance instructor Jeff Smith said, “It’s a little different than the regular dance club because you don’t always have a DJ on stage.

The Rompolo Room has a DJ, but you can still see the dancers and hear them through the sound system.”

Smith also said the club has more than 50 members, including professional dancers, hip-hop artists and artists from local dance clubs.

“We like to do our own thing, which is what we do at Rompomos.

The members come here, they get to come and do whatever they want,” he said.

The club is known for being friendly and accommodating to its members.

However, there is always someone looking to party, so be sure to ask if you can join a free dance after 6 p.m. on Wednesdays, which runs from 3-6 p., to avoid having to sit through the night.

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