TERESA Dance Academy Latin Dance Which dance studio are you in?

Which dance studio are you in?

This is a random survey, and not meant to gauge how the community feels about any particular dance studio.

You can vote below on whether or not you would recommend this studio to your friends.

Artisan Dance StudioCasa Dance StudioAim Dance StudioAIM Dance StudioThese are the questions that I asked myself, and what I got back:1.

I have danced at several of the dance studios in this subreddit, but only one studio is actually located in my area, and I don’t have any plans to go there.2.

When I went to the studio to watch the dance, I was shocked to find it was a very small venue, and they had a really nice staff.

They seemed very attentive to each other and the customers.3.

They did have some really good people working there.4.

It seemed like they had more money than most of the studios, which I am very happy about.5.

I’m not sure if I would go to a dance studio that I haven’t seen for the first time, but I would recommend the Studio Casa Dance studio over other studios because of the staff.

Artisans are always going to be a niche group of people in a dance music scene, and it’s good to see people outside of that genre actually trying to make their way into the industry.

This is something that is sorely needed, and hopefully it continues to grow.