TERESA Dance Academy Latin Dance Debbie’s dance studios close after $300M deal

Debbie’s dance studios close after $300M deal

The dance studio Debbie’s closed its doors after $1.7 million in proceeds from the sale of its two studios, TheHill.com reported.

The sale of Debbie’s to The Honky Tonk Women’s Dance Academy, a nonprofit organization that includes dancers, sold off its four dance studios in July and the remaining six in December.

The dance studio was founded by Debbie’s owner Debbie Breslin, who also runs Debbie’s Dancer Studio in New York City.

The new owners of the dance studios are Amy Tischman and her husband Michael.

Debbie’s was the only dance studio that was open when the dance business went under in 2007.

The Dance Academy’s founders are Michael and Amy Tischeman, and their daughter, Debbie Tischemann, is now the company’s executive director.

Amy Tischmann is one of the three owners of The Honks Dance Academy.

She said the dance studio closed in July after Debbie’s sold the remaining four studios.

“The dance community has suffered from the loss of a beloved, innovative company,” she said in a statement.

“Debbie Tischemans commitment to making a positive impact in our community through dance and art has meant a great deal to us, our staff, our dancers and our customers.

We look forward to the future of the Dance Academy and are grateful to Debbie for her time and passion.”

Debbie Bresline said in the statement that she has decided to sell her business.

She noted that the sale would result in the company losing money.

“I can assure you, I will be extremely excited to start over and be a more business-like, less-glamorous, more family-friendly company,” the statement read.

The move comes a month after The Honk Dance Academy closed its studios.