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How Dana’s Dance Studio made her dream come true

Dana Loeber, an Oakland, California, resident, was always an aspiring dancer.

Growing up in the Bay Area, she was a fan of R&B and hip hop, and had the urge to become a model.

When she was 15, her friend introduced her to a dancer named Linda.

Linda was a dancer by trade and loved dancing in front of her friends and loved to teach her dance.

But after learning Linda’s name, Dana went on to become one of her most devoted students.

By 18, Linda and her friend Dana had decided to create their own dance studio.

As a student, Dana had become adept at the art of the graceful dance, and she quickly developed a reputation as a talented dancer.

At 19, Dana became a full-time model.

In the years that followed, she worked in many other industry fields.

She was an employee at the iconic Madison Square Garden and worked as a production assistant on a Broadway musical.

But Dana never stopped dreaming.

Dana had dreams of opening her own dance company.

And one day in 2012, she finally did just that.

L.A. Magazine contacted Dana about joining the company and told her that she could move to L.