TERESA Dance Academy Latin Dance Why the world’s most popular dance studio is closing, a reader writes

Why the world’s most popular dance studio is closing, a reader writes

The dance studio that has become synonymous with hip hop is closing its doors in the United States, The Associated Press has learned.

The studio, located in Brooklyn, N.Y., is owned by the owners of a Brooklyn-based record label, and it is no longer owned by New York City-based Steezy.

It was one of the first dance studios to be owned by a music company in New York, the AP reported.

The company was founded by the late hip hop mogul and rapper L.A. Reid.

In an email to staff Friday, Steezer Entertainment said it would continue to offer music through its online streaming service.

“We are working with Steeze Entertainment to find a new music partner that can continue to serve our community and grow our business,” Steezers senior vice president of operations Tom Riddick said.

“Steezy’s commitment to artists and our community has been exceptional,” said Riddicks brother, Scott Riddack, who is also the co-founder of the record label.

The Associated Press reported in 2014 that the music company had signed a deal to produce the rap group the Allman Brothers Band, but that deal was never executed.

Steezing is a division of Warner Bros. Entertainment.

In the last two years, Stuezer Entertainment has sold about 3 million albums, including many of the biggest hits in hip hop, according to the company’s website.

The number of albums it has sold in the past year is more than any other music company.