TERESA Dance Academy Classical Dance When you are dancing for the first time in a dance studio

When you are dancing for the first time in a dance studio

A new dance studio in Perth’s north-east has been opened by a community group after a community member lost his vision due to a virus.

Key points:Rachael Williams and her partner had never danced before and were delighted to be the first dance studio to open in the state’s northRachae Williams and Alex were just 15 when they decided to open the dance studio at the local community centreRachai Williams says they wanted to offer a place where people could go to learn how to danceCommunity groups, including Dance Perth, have been working on creating new dance studios in the area in recent years, and now the first one has opened in the North West.

Rachaya Williams, who was in her early 20s at the time, says she and her two partners, who were just a couple of years older than her, were thrilled to be able to open a new dance venue in the community centre in Gosford.

“I’m so excited about it.

I’m really happy.

It’s such a different place, it’s so close to the school, it is just a different lifestyle.”

It’s really fun, and it’s also a place that we can go out and have a drink and just have a good time.

“Community members have been taking turns running the Dance Perth website and Facebook page since the cafe opened, and are encouraging people to join in by sharing their own experiences.”

This is just really cool to be part of something that is about something different, that we feel passionate about and that is something that we are really passionate about,” Ms Williams said.”

We’re not just just doing it because we’re the community that wants to do it.

“For the community to be involved, it just makes me really happy and I’m so thankful to be a part of this.”

Community dance studio opened at Gosford Community CentreRachay and Alex Williams say the cafe was the first community dance studio they opened in Gosfield.

“Our first one, we had just come back from school,” Ms Rachaya said.

The community centre opened on September 1 and the couple started working on the space before closing the cafe and the website on October 18.

“As soon as we closed it, I was just thinking about all the fun things we could do with it, we could go for a drink, we’d have a party, we can have a dance, we just want to do some things with it,” Ms Rylands said.

Ms Rachay said she and Ms Williams have been inspired by the community’s support of the cause, and were looking forward to the chance to run the community-run dance studio again.

“You just have to give it your best shot, it can only get better, it really can’t get worse,” she said.

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