TERESA Dance Academy Pole Dance What we know about the Footworks Dance Studio

What we know about the Footworks Dance Studio

Dancers are known for their dance moves and styles.

But what about footwork?

It can be a lot to digest, and it’s often overlooked.

But Footworks is here to change that.

In this episode, the FootWorks team talks about how the dance studio got started and how it’s evolved.

You can find the entire episode at the Footwork Podcast.

If you’re new to the Foot Works brand, watch the first episode of the Foot works podcast, the “Footwork: the brand’s origin story.”

It’s the perfect place to get a glimpse into the history of Footworks.

It’s also a great place to start learning more about the culture, history and business of dance.

This is Part Two of an eight-part series on the origins of Foot Works, the company that started it all.

The series includes: Footwork’s roots in the dance business, how it got started, and how Footworks was created and grown.

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