TERESA Dance Academy Latin Dance 2 Dance Studio’s Next Album Is Called ‘The Dance of Dreams’

2 Dance Studio’s Next Album Is Called ‘The Dance of Dreams’

2D dance studio Evolve Entertainment is making a big move this year with its next album.

The studio’s director of music, Yoon Hee Jang, shared a new video for his upcoming album titled “The Dance Of Dreams,” which will be released on April 23, according to the music magazine Dance Arts Daily.

The video, which was captured in October, was shot with a new camera and lighting system, and features new dancers in new costumes, including the “Dancing Of Dreams” team.

The video was first seen by Korean dance magazine Dance Entertainment on Wednesday, and was the subject of an article in the Korean music magazine Dance Magazine, which has been posting previews of the new music video on its website.

In the new video, the dance studio’s new director, Yoo Jin Hyuk, also shared that he and the dance team are working on a brand new song for the album.

This new song will be the second time in the studio’s history that Yoon is singing a song, and the first time in six years.

“We are happy to announce our next album is called ‘The Dancing Of Dreams,'” Yoo said in the video.

“We will start the process of making a new song with our team, and we will also be recording new music in the coming months.”

The new music, titled “Dance Of Dreams, Part 2,” was recorded during the recording of the studio album “Dreams,” which is scheduled for release in March 2019.

The studio released a new teaser video on Friday for the song, titled, “The dance of dreams,” that shows Yoon singing with his dancers, and Yoo sharing the song’s title.

The teaser video also features Yoon and his dancers in a dance routine, which Yoo describes as “dancing of dreams.”

Evolve’s next album will be its last, the company said in a statement.

The dance studio also shared a photo of Yoon, who is seen with a band, dancing with a pair of dancers at a nightclub in Seoul.

The dance studio is one of the most famous dance studios in Korea, and its production of the dance of joy has captured the hearts of Korean and international fans.

The Dance Arts Department of the Korean Dance Studio Co. also created the iconic “Starlight Dance Studio” that helped popularize dance culture in Korea.

The choreography of the starlight dancer was popularized by Japanese pop artist Yoko Kanno in 2012.

Evolve Entertainment also announced in September that it will release the “Dream of Dreams” soundtrack album, which will feature new music from Yoon.

The album will also feature music from the dance teams “DANCE OF LOVE,” “DREAM OF THE WORLD,” and “CALIFORNIA” teams.

Evolution Entertainment said in September it plans to release “Dream Of Dreams’ soundtrack album on April 24.