TERESA Dance Academy Latin Dance Stiletto Dance studio, Dance Life Studio,pa is in a deal

Stiletto Dance studio, Dance Life Studio,pa is in a deal

Stilettos dance studio is in talks with the Italian dance studio Pa to bring its new live performances to the UK, according to the Daily Mail.

Stiletto, a London-based dance studio founded in 2015, was recently sold to the Italian company Loma Di Perro.

The deal was reportedly completed in December.

Pa, which has been producing live music in Italy since the late 1980s, said in a statement that the deal would “bring Stiletti to the United Kingdom.”

Pa said in the statement that it “has long had a strong relationship with the Stileotti team, and its partnership with Pa is a significant step in the long-term expansion of the Pa brand and in the development of our own live music programme in the UK.”

Stiletto was founded in 2016 by a group of Italian-British musicians and is a dance studio with a full-time resident roster of four artists.

The company’s first performance, the live debut of Stiletta in London in 2016, attracted an audience of more than 300,000 people, according the Daily Mirror.

The company has been working on live performances since 2016, including in London, Paris, Milan and Rome.

Pa has said it will launch the first live show on October 28 at the British embassy in Rome.

The first performance of Stillettos new live show will take place in the United States, where it will open its first performance on October 29.

Pa and Stiletos original owner, Stileti, are now owned by an entity called S.C.V.C., which was founded by former Italian prime minister Mario Monti.