TERESA Dance Academy Classical Dance A little dance studio in Australia could soon have its very own social media presence

A little dance studio in Australia could soon have its very own social media presence

A little company called Dance Studios is looking to change the way we all dance, by sharing what’s going on with the world.

The company’s Instagram account is currently filled with clips from its social media feeds, but it has plans to expand into live shows, live performances and even live events.

“We’ve really been working towards building a community of dance people, people that we can all relate to and share our experience with,” said Dance Studios founder and CEO Paul McManus.

“We want to take dance to a whole new level, we want to do things in a new way, and we want our community to know that we’re not just a dance studio.

We’re a dance community, and that’s where we’re going to take our dancing to the next level.”

Dance studios are currently in the works at the University of Queensland.

They hope to eventually expand to a wider community.

“The dance community at the university is really interested in this idea of sharing their dance experiences online and making sure it’s safe for people,” McManuses said.

“So we’re also working on a partnership with Dance Australia to create a dance event on campus that is all dance.”

The university is currently hosting the “Dance Australia Conference” in January, but McManuss says the partnership will eventually expand into a larger social media event.

“It’s not just the dancing, it’s the whole experience that we want for the dance community to come together,” he said.

McManus says that Dance Studios will likely open up to a few more social media platforms as it develops.

“There’s certainly a lot of room for us to go further and further in the future, but right now we’re just doing the initial phase, really, to show the community how this is going to work,” he told news.com.au.

The company is currently looking for new sponsors, but he says he hopes to find “the right one”.

“We’re very keen to get to the point where we have a very robust business that’s going to be very, very successful,” he added.

“Dance Studios is a very important part of our plan, but we’re really just starting to scratch the surface of what’s possible.”

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