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Why the NYTimes thinks the GOP has no choice but to abandon healthcare

The New York Times has an article in its latest issue that makes the case that the GOP is “going back to basics” to enact its vision of a “free market” healthcare system.

The Times points to a few recent decisions by the Republican party to adopt policies that will benefit the wealthy and corporations, including the repeal of a tax on health savings accounts.

The Times’ analysis of the GOP’s plan, however, says the plan won’t be able to create “free markets” for health insurance or allow people to shop around for coverage.

Instead, it is a “laboratory of destruction,” the Times says.

The plan will create “a new class of Americans” and the “losing of their access to health care” will mean “more people will go without health care.”

“That’s the price of progress,” the paper writes.

“If you don’t think the Republicans can deliver, they should be ashamed of themselves.

If you believe the Republicans are on the right track, they need to be ashamed.”

The paper argues that repealing and replacing Obamacare will “have the effect of reducing premiums and decreasing health care costs.”

“There’s a huge amount of evidence to support the idea that this is a pretty simple, low-risk policy,” the article reads.

“The plan that the Republican Party adopted this week, to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, would create a new class, or a new subset, of Americans that would be poorer, sicker, more vulnerable and less healthy.

The cost to taxpayers would skyrocket, because premiums would be higher, and health care would be less accessible.”

In other words, if the Republican plan is repealed and replaced, it will have no chance of achieving the Republican’s goal of lowering health care spending and creating “free-market health care that delivers quality, affordable care to all Americans.”

In addition to the NYT, the Wall Street Journal, the Associated Press, and The New Republic have published articles on the GOP plan to repeal Obamacare.

The Associated Press article is titled “Trump’s Republican plan to gut the Affordable Healthcare Act is a ‘labyrinth’ of complexity,” while the Wall St. Journal article is headlined “TrumpCare is a Labyrinth: The GOP’s Health Care Plan Is ‘Unworkable.'”

The AP article is also titled “GOP Plan to Repeal and Replace Obamacare Could Result in ‘Free Market’ Healthcare,” while The New Yorker article is entitled “Trumpcare Is a Labyrinth.”

The Washington Post has an opinion piece titled “Republicans will repeal and Replace the Affordable Health Care Act.”

In the article, the newspaper criticizes Republicans for “not showing any urgency” to repeal the ACA, which has caused “a series of political disasters.”

“Republicans are doing everything they can to avoid a vote in the Senate and avoid a public reckoning,” the Post op-ed reads.

“But the American people are not asking for this kind of leadership on the issues that matter to them.

They’re asking for more of the same.

The TrumpCare law is a labyrinth of complexity, and it will never be fully replaced, or fully repealed.”

A recent New York Post article titled “How Republicans’ healthcare plan will end up costing us all” makes the argument that the party has to “work within the rules of the system” in order to “avoid the catastrophic consequences” that its plan will bring.

The article concludes by saying that Republicans have “lost sight of the way things should work.”

“The ACA is a big, complicated law, with lots of layers and intricacies, that requires complex decision-making,” the piece reads.

It concludes that the ACA will have “a catastrophic cost.”

The Associated Press piece is titled, “Republicans can’t solve healthcare problems with Obamacare repeal, CBO says.”

In a report titled “Reforming the Obamacare system will take more than a few repeal bills,” the AP’s Mark Berman wrote that “repeal of Obamacare’s insurance subsidies will cost the government $1.6 trillion over 10 years, according to a Congressional Budget Office analysis.”

“This is the most expensive piece of Republican legislation since the Medicare prescription drug benefit went into effect in 1965, according the CBO, and could double that cost over time.”

The AP story continues: “The bill would also leave millions of people without insurance, end Medicaid expansion, and make insurers charge older Americans more for their coverage.

The CBO estimates that more than $1 trillion will be spent by 2021 on Medicaid, the government health program for the poor and disabled, to cover its share of the costs of the law.”

In the article’s concluding paragraph, the AP adds, “But Republicans have failed to make clear what will replace Obamacare.”

The NYT article is written by John Feehery, who is currently the deputy editorial page editor at the Times.

The AP’s article is penned by Andrew Ross Sorkin, a Pulitzer Prize-winning New York writer and former White