TERESA Dance Academy Latin Dance How do you keep a dance studio open when your rent’s too high?

How do you keep a dance studio open when your rent’s too high?

With the booming housing market, it’s become more and more difficult for dance studios to keep up with demand.

As the number of studios has risen, so has the number who struggle to pay their rent.

With rent soaring in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, studios are looking for ways to stay afloat.

Dance studio owners say they are seeing an influx of people who are keen to get involved in the industry, but the rent can be a bit too high.

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But not all studios are struggling to keep the lights on.

One Sydney studio owner is keeping a tight lid on rent, despite the booming economy.

ABC Radio Melbourne: Dan McGarry is running a business with his partner in the city, and they are paying their rent on time and under budget.

“It’s hard because you want to get in there, but you’re also worried about what will happen to your studio and what it’s going to look like 20 years from now,” Mr McGarry said.

“I have a lot of confidence in our finances.

I have a great business here.

I can’t say that we’ll be able to survive on just what we’ve got right now, but I’m confident we’re going to be able for at least another couple of years.”

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“We’ve got a pretty good relationship with the council, which is a huge asset for us,” Mr McKee said.

They’ve got the support of the local community.

“They’ve got people in the community that have worked really hard on behalf of us, and the community has come up to us and said ‘we really appreciate your work here, we really appreciate you doing this and we’re very grateful for that, but it’s just so expensive now’.” ABC News 4: How a $2,500 apartment in the Sydney CBD can make your rent soar, and what you need to know about rent increases.

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