TERESA Dance Academy Classical Dance Glendora Dance Studio in New Zealand closed due to the coronavirus

Glendora Dance Studio in New Zealand closed due to the coronavirus

A Glendoras dance studio has closed due an outbreak of the coronovirus.

The closure of the Glendorian dance studio on Tuesday, which was in operation since 2005, comes a day after a similar closure in the UK, which saw the studio closed as a precaution.

The owners of the dance studio in Glen, in New England, were notified by their local health authority that they would be unable to continue to operate the business, according to The Australian.

Glendora, which has over 200 dance studios, is located in the remote corner of the South Island.

The Glendors have had a long history of performing in the Australian city.

They opened the Glendale Dance Studio, which opened in 1987, in their home town in 1974.

The club has been closed to all but the most dedicated members of the community since the last Glendale dance studio closed in 2014.

The venue is also the only venue in the state to still allow customers to bring their own instruments, a feature that was not present at the closing ceremony on Tuesday.

Glendale is one of a number of dance studios in New South Wales that have closed since the coronas outbreak began, with several others shutting down as a result of the virus.

The closures have led to a surge in the number of people infected in the region, with more than 60,000 confirmed cases in the last 24 hours, according the National Centre for Health Statistics.

Glen is not the only New Zealand city to be affected by the coronaws outbreak, with the city of Palmerston North also reporting a high number of cases in recent days.

The Palmerston Centre, which houses the country’s largest dance studio and also includes the Glenda Dance Studio is also facing closure, with staff being told they will have to move from their home due to health concerns.

Palmerston’s Mayor David Loh said it was a sad day for Palmerston.

He said the closure of Glendoria was the result of a coronaviruses outbreak that has affected our whole city, and that the community would not be left behind.

Palston is a city of 2.4 million people, with just under one in five residents living below the poverty line.

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