TERESA Dance Academy Ballet Burns dance studios closure to close by 2019

Burns dance studios closure to close by 2019

The Burns have been forced to close the dance studios in west Belfast after a protracted dispute with management over a new contract.

Burns manager Richard Glyn described the closure as “a sad day for all involved”.

“The management has been unable to make the required payments to keep the business going, and as a result the business has shut its doors.

The management is not happy with the way the business is running, the new owner, David Hockett, has refused to give up the lease, and has been threatening to sell the business,” Mr Glyn said.”

The business has been run with the utmost integrity for the past 10 years and will continue to operate for many years to come.

Burners have been in talks with the new owners and are hopeful of getting a new lease agreement.

The decision to close down the studios comes as a bitter row broke out between the club and management.

The dispute began when Mr Hockets former partner David Loy, who was the head of the dance studio for almost 10 years, sold the company to the management.

Burning boss Ian Murray is believed to have sold the studio to the new management, with the management threatening to move the club out of the capital if they do not agree to the terms of the new lease.

Mr Hocketts business partner David Hoch was due to take over the business when he left the club in January, but has not yet taken over the management of the venue.

Mr Glyn, who has been the club’s manager since 2010, said: “The club is going to be forced to go out of business.

It has been a difficult year for all parties involved, including the business, the staff, the supporters, the community, but the decision to shut down the dance venues has been made for a number of reasons.

“Mr Glynn said the Burns will continue running the club, with a new owner to be appointed in October, to provide support for the community.”

There is no money in the business.

We have had no payment on the rent and there is no income from the club.

We will continue our relationship with the community and I hope that will continue.