TERESA Dance Academy About ‘Suit Up’ music video trailer: a sexy new VR film

‘Suit Up’ music video trailer: a sexy new VR film

“Suit up” is the new word in dance music.

In 2017, the band of four indie-minded hip-hop pioneers brought a brand-new dance track to the world’s attention by putting it in the virtual reality genre.

“Suck my cock, suck my balls, suck all my balls,” says one song, while another one of the group’s tunes sounds like a pre-recorded, 90s pop song.

The video for “Sue Me” is no less provocative: a young man wearing a suit, wearing a mask, and standing on the shoulders of a giant woman.

As he walks past a crowd of people, he says, “Don’t get the wrong idea.

I’m not a stripper.”

It’s a powerful moment in the band’s career, one that was also an opportunity for them to showcase their new VR-inspired music video, “Swingin’ Out” (above).

The video features choreography from two of the band members, the production design team at Pa Dance Studio, and the visual design team of Vibe Dance Studio.

The visual design is done by Rob Rasko, who worked on the video for their first video, and helped design the visuals for the band and their stage at Coachella.

“I really think that the VR video really helps show the band in a way that you could never see before,” Rasku said.

“In a lot of ways, the video is like the next step for the bands’ career.

They’re going from a very young age to being able to see themselves on a wider stage and making music in front of people that you’d never seen before.”

“SWEET” IN THE FACE This music video has the perfect blend of dance music and VR.

It’s very danceable, with plenty of dance-inducing dance steps and choreography.

In the middle of the video, a woman dances in a mask to the beat of a track by the group.

As she spins around, she throws her hands in the air, and her legs move.

Her head turns and her arms swing.

She leans in for a kiss.

It all sounds like the sort of thing you would expect from a video of a female performing, and that’s precisely what the video does: show the video as a kind of dance video.

“We didn’t really know if we wanted to do a VR dance video or if we would have to,” says the video’s co-director, Jason Scott.

“It was really fun, and really fun to do it in VR.”

The first thing that jumps out is the dance choreography in VR.

“This was actually the first time I had ever danced in VR,” says dancer Lauren Sommers, who performs the video with her partner, Travon Voss.

“The way it was set up, we could dance to our favorite tracks without the fear of looking like a total twat or anything like that.

The only way you could dance is if you have a headset on, which was a little intimidating, but I was like, ‘Oh, I’m in.'”

“This is just like a dream,” Sommer says.

“My favorite thing about VR is the way it can feel like I’m on stage, which is a really fun experience.

I can really get into a dance and just be like, this is something that I could be dancing to, and it’s so immersive.

The way that it was shot, it was really well-executed, and everything that went into it was done really well.”

The video was shot by the band during the bands time in LA for their last festival, the Coachellas.

“All of the guys were all hanging out, and I was on the other side of the door, and my roommate was just like, dude, we should do this video,” Scott said.

The VR footage was created by Pa Dance and Vibe’s choreography team, and was shot at Pa’s studios in LA and Atlanta.

“Pa and Vibes team is really awesome,” Sompers said.

“[It was] a really cool experience.”

“The most exciting thing about the VR was that we were able to capture that moment with these four friends in a room with them,” Somes said.

That’s what makes this video so powerful: it’s something you could do with a smartphone, a tablet, or a VR headset, and you can experience it with just your eyes.

“You can do this in your bedroom, in your living room, at the gym, or at a concert,” Soms said.

If you want to know more about the band, check out the band website.